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July, 2015 Update:

Please note that this portal is in process of being decommissioned and all access will be removed on August 15, 2015.

AMEC Met-Ocean Services is pleased to introduce a new map-based Weather Information System that is more responsive, faster to load, more attractive, and more intuitive to use. Please visit http://weather.amec.com/awx2 to register for an account. The AMEC RWIS lead within your organization can provide you with your client number.

This is a secure portal to weather information, available only to clients of the AMEC Weather Office. Web site access and forecasts cannot be distributed to private individuals.
If you do not have an account or are having difficulties accessing the portal, please contact weather@amec.com. A FAQ  is also available.

Ceci est un portail à accès contrôlé présentant de l'information météorologique, réservé aux clients des Services météorologiques de AMEC. L'accès au site web et aux prévisions ne peut pas être offert aux particuliers.
Si vous n'avez pas de compte ou avez des difficultés à accéder au portail, veuillez contacter weather@amec.com. Un FAQ  est aussi disponible.